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So whats the difference between a planner and a coordinator? Good question!

A wedding planner is great for those who have no f**king idea where to even begin with planning a wedding. We can recommend venues or caterers, develop a styling design, book in photographers, send out your invites.. you name it! Our planning services are charged by the hour, so you can use us for as much or as little of the planning process as you need.

A wedding coordinator is great for those who want to be completely hands-off on the day. So you’ve got the catering turning up at the same time as the furniture hire, and the DJ and someone needs to be there to let them in, tell them where to set up and make sure it all matches your vision. Then someone has to cue the entrance song, tell the MC when to speak, get the catering on the table in-between the Best Man and the Father’s speeches.. Are you going to do all that? On your wedding day? HELLS NO! You’re busy getting more beautiful and drinking champagne. A wedding coordinator will oversee the logistics for you and make sure everything is set up and runs smoothly. 


Here are just a few things that we can coordinate the crap out of for you…
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We make sure everyone turns up on time

We have a practice run through so your gal gang can practice walking at the right speed

We pull umbrellas out of thin air when it looks like rain at the last minute

We meet you as you get out of the car, calm your nerves and make sure your dress looks PERFECT before you head down the aisle

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We make sure the photographer knows who all the important family members are to take photos of

We always carry emergency bandaids and deodorant, you know, just in case

We make sure the musicians play the right song as you walk down the aisle

We design your wedding runsheet so no detail is forgotten

sydney wedding stylist different unique fun badass

We make sure your wedding arch is set up in the exact location that you wanted

We make sure all your vendors are working well together

We even help your Grandma find her way to the bathroom

We ALWAYS ensure your champagne glass is full.