About Us

The Marmalade Sky was brought into the world as a bespoke flower studio many years ago. After years of watching our couples struggle to juggle all their styling, flower and coordination vendors, we decided enough was enough! We changed the wedding game by offering our delightful couples a full service design for their special day.

Having spent over eight years traveling around the country producing events for the ABC, it was a natural progression for our little bespoke studio to move into the world of full service styling and planning. 

I’ve been lucky enough to work along side some of the most influential and talented wedding designers in the industry, including a recent stint in Seattle, USA, working with Steven Moore of Sinclair and Moore Events (Martha Stewart Weddings and Vogue Bride).

The Marmalade Sky couples are fierce, a little bit girly and a whole lot of sass. If that sounds like you, and you like to party hard, we want to help! Drop us a note so we can organise a time to share Pinterest boards, and gossip over wedding magazines and mint slice biscuits.




Logistics Manager

JB is the brains of The Marmalade Sky. He’s the problem solver, the heavy lifter, the technician. You’ll usually find him up a ladder or wandering around saying ‘Tessssst. Teeeesting one two” into a microphone (he’s also a super incredible audio engineer. Super handy for your wedding). 





Head Stylist + Florist

Kimberley is the creative behind The Marmalade Sky. She’s the florist, the stylist, the dreamer, the chief of purchases, coordinator of snacks and general manager of good times. You’ll usually find her at Sydney Markets buying up the good blooms or napping (cause of the 5am market visits).