Kimberley + Michael’s Wedding, The Balmain Hotel, Sydney

Full disclosure.. this is my wedding. And I loved every bloody minute of it! My hubby and I were definitely not the conventional wedding type. All we wanted was to become man and wife, have a kick-ass party and boogie all night with our best buddies (aka no freeloaders who we’ve only met twice). We only had about 55 people, which meant we had budget to splash out on other things such as an instagram printer,  some novelty oversized balloons, a completely open bar (hells-fucking-yeah) and a sick photographer (Nina, you’re a bloody champ!). We searched high and low for a venue that  mimicked our playful, outlandish and slightly obnoxious personalities. Eventually we stumbled onto The Balmain Hotel (which just so happened to be right in our own neighbourhood). It was kitchy and quirky and they’d never hosted a wedding before, which suited our ‘non wedding’ vibe perfectly. The team at The Balmain Hotel were up for the challenge and they totally nailed it. Our wedding was the epitome of us and I would not change a single thing (ok, maybe I would hold off on the 3rd bottle of champagne I drank. But that’s it). You can read more about our wedding at The Balmain Hotel on

Photos by Nina Claire Photography 

Wedding Venue The Balmain Hotel