Our Process + FAQs


Get in contact

Drop us a note and let us know a bit about your wedding. We want to get to know you, so the more detail the better! First, we need your wedding date. Second, we need your venue. Then we can get the ball rollin’! We also have a lil Q&A that you’ll need to fill out so we can gather up all the lil details that we need.


Planning a wedding is hard. And running around town to meet with hundreds of potential vendors is time consuming. We get it. There are multiple options when it comes to chatting about your ideas.. we can jump on the phone, we can Skype, we can just stick to email, OR you are welcome to come visit us in our studio. We have consultation spots every Monday and Tuesday between 8am – 6pm. 

The Design Process

Depending on the size and scale of your wedding, we will probably ask you A LOT of questions. This is to ensure your vision comes to life and that we have all the nitty gritty details that make your day run smoothly and safely. After our initial chats, we will create a personalised quote and design brief for your wedding. This fun document contains mood boards, floral suggestions, colour palettes, floor plans, runsheets.. the whole shebang!


If you’re keen to lock in your wedding date, a 30% booking fee (non-refundable) is required. We’re pretty flexible, so changes are always welcomed (we just ask you stop making changes 1 month out. Cause we’re well into planning by then!)



We’re not like your average florist or hire company. We don’t provide an itemised quote. Just a simple one-off budget. Your quote will be broken down into four sections – Bridal Party, Ceremony, Reception + Labour.

Our couples have found this to be a much more cost effective approach and this gives us the creative flexibility needed to design a unique and one-of-a-kind day for you. 

For example, if I was to tell you that a bouquet costs $180 exactly, then you are going to expect exactly $180 worth of flowers in your bouquet. But designing your bouquet is a unique process.  It isn’t based on a formula or template. And we’re dealing with nature, which can be pretty unpredictable at times (thanks heaps, global warming!) 

Sometimes flowers arrive and the bloom is HUGE. Much bigger than normal. But the brief was for a light weight bouquet and these big-ass blooms are heavy. So now I need to change the original design. Instead of ripping you off  by giving you less flowers than what you paid for, or giving you a massive $180 bouquet which doesn’t match the light-weight brief, I now have extra flowers that I can throw into your bridal table arrangements to make that look bigger and better. 


Planning a wedding is a fluid process. Things are probably going to change or evolve. We encourage you to send through any updates as they arise. We’ll also organise a time to do a site visit at your venue. One month out from your special day, I will confirm all the finer details, emergency contacts, timelines & delivery locations with you. For larger weddings, a final consultation may take place. Your final balance is also due at this time. 


Delivery + Set up + Pack Down Fees

Delivery and set up will probably make up a large portion of your wedding design budget. In order to be as transparent as possible, we don’t build these fees into our styling and flowers – we include this cost as a separate line item in your budget, so you know exactly how many staff will be on site and for how long. These fees will vary from wedding to wedding, as they are calculated on a hourly labour rate, (e.g 4 stylists x 6 hours to set up) as well as KMs travelled from our studio to your wedding location (e.g. 75KM from the Sydney metro area + any tolls or parking fees).

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