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I have a new mantra that I’m adopting for my floral designs.. “If the colours don’t punch you in the face, you aint doing it right!”. It’s safe to say, I take the majority of my inspiration from colour combinations. I have a loud personality, and that definitely shines through in my loud designs.

Source: Hello May. Photo: Dan O’ Day Photography

I love a punch of colour laid on top of a simple backdrop. My home made wedding bouquets were inspired by the sublime floral styling of The Fragrant Bloom. Simple, but with lots of impact.

Yellow ceramic vase – $7 from Kmart

Last week I was browsing the shelves of Kmart and stumbled upon this loud, ‘punch in the face’ gem. A simple, yellow backdrop ready for LOTS of impact. This vase reminds me of a standout retro piece from the 70s that you would find in your Grandma’s wardrobe. And at a whopping $7, it took all of my strength not to buy a whole set of them. Instead, I raced home with my single vase, ready for a trip to the Sydney Flower Markets so I could fill that bad boy to the brim with colour.

It was also my mission to incorporate a few flowers that I hadn’t yet used.. broaden my floral horizons, if you will! Dahlias are a staple in my reportiar at the moment – I mean, would you look at those colours! And I recently fell in love with buddleia when a grower at the flower markets introduced me to their intoxicating honey smell. But ornamental figs are a whole new realm for me. Oh, and those black/orange spiky, round things.. yeah, I can’t remember what they are called. Pretty, though! Ah. May. Zing.


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