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 I’m terrible at keeping secrets. And I’m not too keen on surprises. I like to be in control and I will do my best to snoop out any surprise you might be hiding from me. BUT towards the end of last year my cousin and I were catching up over coffee to discuss decor for her upcoming engagement party and she casually mentions.. “oh yeah, well, it’s actually going to be our wedding”. Insert girly squeals of excitement here. There was a very, very select group of people who were in on the secret and I was entrusted with organising all of it. The styling, the flowers, the set up, the running of it – ALL of it. Oh so damn exciting. And we had all of 6 weeks to get it done. Now we go from exciting to horrifying.

It was a super dooper excellent day. People had NO idea it was a surprise wedding. The screams upon announcing that the ‘bride’ would be arriving shortly and that is was in fact a wedding – ear splittingly loud. More photos to come but here are a few select shots from the day.

I know I’ve said it before but I am stupid crazy in love with hydrangeas. So they featured a lot. The Sydney flower markets were BURSTING with ’em. It was excellent.

The wedding took place at the stunning Dobroyd Sailing Club in Drummoyne, Sydney. The venue has an AMAZING wrap around balcony that faces out onto Iron Cove Bay. Crystal clear blue water as far as the eye can seeeeeeeeee!

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