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I bloody love hydrangeas. I feel like I’ve mentioned this previously. But I really, really do. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon these pink beauties with the extra big, dangly flowers. I got chatting to the grower and he told me they were a new variety of hydrangea and his stand was the ONLY place you could get these stunners. *Swoon*.

These gorgeous pink hydrangeas became the centrepiece for a birthday bouquet, specially hand delivered to my best buddy in the whole world. I really need to pick up my game in the wrapping department, though.

Mixed with some roses, sunflowers and gerberas. I normally can’t stand gerbreas, but these colours were too much for me to resist.

And then I made this super sweet posy with the leftovers from my markets haul that morning, hand delivered to my neighbour.  Ahhhhh, my pretties.


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