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Apparently peonies are, like, a BIG thing in the flower industry right now. I had no idea. I had my first experience with peonies on a recent visit to the Sydney flower market. Except, the sign below says ‘tipeonies’. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. These were probably the first peonies I spotted for the season. And at a whopping 10 bucks a bunch, these were one of the more expensive options on offer that morning at the flower markets. But well worth the investment. And to say there were delightful on my sideboard would be an understatement! I bought them with the grand plan to add them to a bouquet for my grandmother as a birthday gift, but I am a terrible granddaughter and kept them for myself. Oops. I did however make her this bouquet instead.


A mix of roses, yellow filler stuff and some deep purple flowers (see how technical I am with the flower names!). I’m hoping the first class I have next year at tafe is a crash course on flower names.

P.s Grandma totally loved the flowers. She rang me twice during the following week to give me updates on how good they still looked. Bless

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