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Sydney Flower Markets and How I Made My Own Wedding Flowers

 I’ve lived in Sydney all my life and I only visited the  Sydney flower markets for the first time last year. It was something I had always wanted to do. My Mumma’s 50th birthday was approaching and my brother and I planned to blow off work for the day and surprise her. Flowers were a necessity. Copious amounts of flowers.  I got to the flower markets at Flemington around 7am.. I am not a morning person. And to my utter disappointment, there were only 2 or 3 sellers left in the cavernous hall. First tip for DIY brides. Get up early! I did still manage to grab some bargains and proceeded to Mumma’s house to stuff her living room full of flowers before she arrived home from her birthday massage. SUUUURPRISE! Fast forward 12 months and my wedding was fast approaching. I always imagined making my own wedding bouquet. One of my fondest childhood memories is scurrying around the backyard with my Dad on Christmas eve, foraging for flowers and greenery so we could make a spectacular floral arrangement for the christmas dinner table. Even as a kids, I’ve always loved playing with flowers and making my own bouquet was one part of my wedding I needed to have total control over.

I planned on being a total DIY bride. Six years as an event manager meant I thought could organise EVERY aspect of my own wedding. Wrong. Tip for all brides. When someone offers you help, take it. Take it and run! My Aunty’s very mild super power is her ability to make even a twig and a vase look elegant so I took up her offer of help, along with my Mumma and two bridesmaid and off we went to the Sydney Flower Markets. This time, we went muuuuuuch earlier. Like, first ones through the gate at 4.30am early. Oh did, I mention I had a winter wedding? Yeah, that was fun. Note: the markets are hella crazy! Forklifts everywhere! Parking is insane! It’s now a requirement of Sydney Markets that all patrons must wear a fluro safety vest when on the premises. And personally, I wouldn’t dare enter without one for fear of being run over by a forklift! EDITORS NOTE: the parking situation at Sydney Flower Markets has now changed! As of January 2017, the general public will not be permitted to access the area until AFTER 6am. Only approved, registered businesses (who have been successful in securing and paying for an ‘annual premium permit’) will be have access.

Another tip for DIY brides.. if you’re planning on DIYing your own wedding flowers or wedding bouquet, do a few test runs 2-3 weeks out from your wedding. You get a chance to see what is in season, how much you will need and how much it will cost you. Plus its just a great excuse to bring home heaps of flowers!

With a team of five, we pulled off 4 wedding bouquets, a billion boutonnieres and about 15 jam jars of flowers for the ceremony.

I was STOKED with the way my flowers turned out. But I must stress, that creating your own florals is not for the faint hearted. It will take up pretty much all of your day prior to the wedding, which could be spent relaxing, getting a massage, nails done etc. Make sure you enlist plenty of help and do a test runs to make sure you are happy with your final bouquet. Even now as a professional florist, I realise it can take a lot of trial an error to make designs work. An idea you have might sound good on paper, but in real life it may not be practical. 

If you’re looking for more specific detail on the ‘how to’ of Sydney Flower Markets (such as parking, rules, regulations, opening times etc) check out my DIY flower blog post here.

Or if you’re looking for a cheap, simple option without all the consultations, emailings, quoting blah blah blah, we highly recommend checking out Cellophane Flowers who specialise in affordable wedding flower packages without all the fuss.

Wedding photos by the incredibly talented Nina Claire Photography.

Venue The Balmain Hotel

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