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Hydrangeas are a ‘lady’ flower. You know; a tea drinking, pinky-sticking out lady. I’m not a lady. I wish I was a lady. I’m crude. And sarcastic. Ladies are never sarcastic. But having said all that, when I turned up with a bunch of flowers for my Mumma, including a few blue hydrangeas she said ‘oh, hydrangeas are my favourite’. So maybe there is hope for me yet. Hydrangeas and ruffled tulips and peonies and giant protea, OH MY!

Mumma had surgery recently, and I’m pretty sure that flowers are scientifically proven to speed up surgery recovery time, yeh? Otherwise, why would they sell them so overpriced in hospital gift shops?!

The Sydney flower markets are BURSTING with hydrangeas right now. Move over, peonies! I personally am in love with the blue ones. Pink is so last season.

I also made myself an arrangement with the leftovers. Leftovers rock.


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