When it comes to planning your wedding, every little detail matters. Your styling will set the scene for your guests. From a luxurious, formal affair, to a kicky, funky cocktail party, the styling will help shape the mood and vibe for your day.

From stationery to flatware, flowers to lighting, we can take care of every detail to ensure your wedding reception is nothing short of perfect! 

It’s important to create a seamless transition from your ceremony to your reception. Everything should match and flow easily to create cohesive design. There’s nothing worse than seeing a Welcome Board with fonts or artwork that doesn’t match the placecards your venue supplies (C’mon guys, get your s**t together!!). Simple details like this take your ordinary wedding to an extraordinary wedding. Which is why we pride ourselves on being Full Service designers; we look after both your ceremony and reception styling to ensure every element of your day works in perfect harmony. 


Drop us a note. Tell us a bit about yourself. When is your wedding? What would you like our help with? Do you like dogs? What are your thoughts on pineapple on pizzas? Let’s lock in a time to jump on the phone and gossip. We’ll also send you a copy of our handy Wedding Information Pack, complete with styling ideas, budget guide and our process.