How a boutonniere is born



Boutonnieres, or buttonholes, are super dooper easy to make. The hardest part is selecting the right flowers to use, as you need hardy flowers that will last out of water.

My bridesmaids and I DIY’d a buttload of these buttonholes on the morning of my wedding (making your own wedding flowers or buttonholes is great way to distract the bride from any pre-wedding jitters!). Boutonnieres are a staple at any wedding, usually worn by all the males in the wedding party including fathers and any special family members, and can be a great way to express your own unique style.

How to make your own boutonniere

You will need;

  • floral tape/parafilm. Purchase from speciality florist retailers OR just ask your local florist.
  • thin/light weight flower wires. Again, purchase from speciality florist retailers OR just ask your local florist.
  • flowers. Opt for tough flowers that will last out of water such as roses, orchids, natives, ¬†succulents, dried materials.
  • Twine or ribbon to wrap around the stems.
  • Pot tape ( or any heavy duty thin tape)
  • Pins

This video shows you how to make a super simple button hole from mostly dried, native materials. I’ve used a gum nut, billy button, silver dollar gum and some vine as filler. Lighter floral items such as the vine and gum need to be individually wired to give the stems some strength. Simply twist the wire around the end of the stems and tape over to ensure no sharp ends. Then tape all the individual pieces together. Then use your pot tape to secure your twine/ribbon to the stems.. simply tape around the bottom of the stem once, then twist the pot tape so the sticky side faces OUT then tape all the way up the stem. Ta-dah!