Ash + Eden, Freedom Hub, Waterloo


I am a sucker for a warehouse wedding. Sydney doesn’t have a huge amount of warehouse venues, but this one is a total winner!

It’s every stylists dream to have a couple approach them and say “do what ever you think will look good!” Which is exactly what Ash and Eden said to me during our first catch up.

Aside from being complete legends (Ash and I found many ‘excuses’ for regular coffee ‘catch ups’ during the planning process, just because we wanted to hang out!), they were both 100% open and trusting of me and my design ideas.  And The Freedom Hub provided an incredible, industrial warehouse style canvas to work on. 

Now, like it or not, weddings leave a huge footprint behind on the world. They also can cost a lot of money. Ash and Eden were super conscious of this when planning their special day, which is why they fell in love with Freedom Hub at Waterloo.

The Freedom Hub is an ethical warehouse wedding venue in Sydney, hosting ceremony and receptions in their incredible warehouse space, who then use all their profits to support people who have experienced modern day slavery or human trafficking within Australian borders. Your wedding has the potential to make an actual fucking difference in ending modern day slavery. How incredible is that?!

Photography – Full Hearts Co

Ceremony + Reception Venue – The Freedom Hub, Sydney