Getting a price or quote for a wedding is never a straight forward process. There’s always questions to answer, logistics to consider, time of year, amount of guests, flower types, so many emails, phone calls, consultations, and so on.

After watching our couples waste so many hours, we thought “Let’s make this easy and simple and fun!” So we decided to throw the standard wedding price guide out the window and came up with a new way of pricing..

Instead, we work with you and your budget. We don’t provide an itemised quote. Just a simple one-off budget. 

Our couples have found this to be a much more cost effective approach and this gives us the creative flexibility needed to design a unique and one-of-a-kind day for you. 

For example, if I was to tell you that a bouquet costs $180 exactly, then you are going to expect exactly $180 worth of flowers in your bouquet. But designing your bouquet is a unique process.  It isn’t based on a formula or template, because let’s face it, no two weddings are the same. And we’re dealing with nature, which can be pretty unpredictable at times (thanks heaps, global warming!) 

Sometimes flowers arrive and the bloom is HUGE. Much bigger than normal (again, thanks heaps global warming). Your brief was for a light weight bouquet and these big-ass blooms are heavy. So now I need to change the original design. Instead of ripping you off  by giving you less flowers than what you paid for, or giving you a massive $180 bouquet which doesn’t match the light-weight brief, I now have extra flowers that I can throw into your bridal table arrangements to make that look bigger and better. 

Or maybe your venue includes 24 guest chairs with your hire fee. Most ceremony ‘packages’ come with set items. Every venue is different, so we don’t want you paying for things you don’t need. 


I like to work with the seasons, whats available, whats good quality, and I’m always looking for new suppliers and new trends. Your wedding might not be for another 12 months, and during this time you might decide to change the whole look and feel. No problem, we just work this into your existing budget instead of starting from scratch again. 

We totally understand that this process may not be suitable for everyone. In which case we’d be more than happy to provide you with some excellent recommendations for your special day.